Insurance Adjusters Are Not Always On Your Side


Insurance adjusters, while they can be pleasant and friendly, they ultimately work for the insurance company, not the homeowner.  This is why the States have allowed public adjusters to legally help represent the insured.


Most homeowners have limited knowledge of the claim process from; how much are they owed, and how to get what they are owed.  Public Adjusters solely represent the insured (homeowner and business-owners.)  When the insured attempts to do it on their own, they often get less than 50% of what is actually owed.  The great thing about hiring a public adjuster is that if they can't help you, then you don't pay.

Michael Bertagna
Building Consultant
Owner/Public Adjuster
Michael BW.jpg

Michael Bertagna has worked in a construction related industry most of his life, which was preceded by his father and grandfather.  His many years of earlier experience began with several years of hands-on building, which included many different construction trades and has developed into catastrophic loss operations that Loss Restoration Solutions provides today.
Earlier hands-on experience established a strong foundation supporting his vast knowledge of building Construction and components, wether it be a residential homes or large commercial project/development. By the 1990’s Mr. Bertagna was a custom home builder and later followed into residential subdivision development. Subdivision development lead to design and construction of semi private Golf Course in the Central Texas area.
In the 2000’s construction and development of commercial buildings followed on the West Coast and then lead back to Texas on Padre Island with developing and construction of high-end multi family townhomes.
The introduction of Loss Restoration Solutions began with Hurricane Harvey as this storm centered near his back yards miles away. Damages to personal development along with frustrations of dealing with insurance companies to pay what was owed to bring development back to pre-hurricane status. After Harvey, operations followed next to Puerto Rico to assist with damages caused by Hurricane Maria. 

Hunter Douglas
Project Manager
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Hunter Douglas comes from the field engineering oil industry and has been working with Michael Bertagna for several years.  He is an expert in operations and project management and runs the teams logistics and sales teams.  When it comes to working large claims there is a lot of deadlines which Hunter ensures the team stays on top of. 

danielle pic.png
Danielle Parks
Lic# 2362909
Public Adjuster/Estimator

Danielle started out in construction clean up and restoration as well as a realtor buying and selling homes.​  She is now an estimator and public adjuster for our firm, specializing in insurance policies, and regulations.

Danielle has written estimates for clients which have resulted in multi-million dollar claim settlements.  She has assisted with Hurricane Michael claims, Hurricane Florence, and Maria Claims as well.  She was also instrumental in construction efforts for Hurricane Harvey.  Her attitude and abilities to go above and beyond for our clients, makes her a valuable asset and we know you will love working with her also.

Michael Parks
Lic# 2325554
President - Public Adjuster/Estimator

Michael Parks is a former active duty US Marine and licensed Public Adjuster with lots of consultation experience in the industry.  He has written estimates for other firms totaling over $200 Million.  He has performed hundreds of inspections mainly in commercial buildings of 100+ office/condominium units.  Michael has learned from his experience and training what it takes to make people move, and he enjoys getting the carriers to move.